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curly hair would loosen som

Well I had 4 bundles and a half in my head. only because I like a lot of lace wigs on my head. But 3 bundle will give you a full head .for sure.and yes because people thought lace wigs was my own hair. I could have use maybe a half of full lace wigs and also I would recommend a longer length like 16 18 20. I never tried to dye the curly hair extensions uk, You know I would think that dyeing curly hair would loosen some of the curl pattern. Try brazilian hair maybe someone on their might have dyed the curly hair.

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خدمة عملاء كاريير

من خلال خدمة عملاء كاريير تستطيع الحصول على جميع خدمات الصيانة و التوكيل حيث يوفر لكم توكيل كاريير افضل قطع الغيار النادره لجميع الاجهزة المختلفة بالاضافة الى خدمة عملاء كاريير التى تتميز بالسرعه فى الرد على جميع استفسارات العملاء الكرام